All public bodies have a requirement under the new legislation to appoint a Data Protection Officer.
Under legislation, there are strict criteria around who can be considered for the role. They should be:
  • In a position to perform their duties and tasks in an independent manner
  • Be an expert in data protection law and practice
  • Have an understanding of the processing carried out by the organisation and a knowledge of the business sector/organisation
  • Be easily accessible, able to deal with immediate concerns
  • Be able to advise organisations on general data processing and implementation of new initiatives
Romero Services are able to undertake the role of DPO on behalf of schools and organisations and currently have three Certified GDPR Practitioners who are available to provide support. The DPO service will include:
  • A named contact who is responsible for your school with appropriate cover from the other GDPR Practitioners
  • An annual visit to the school to check compliance
  • A dedicated telephone helpline for advice and guidance over general data processing and implementation of new initiatives
  • Annual training for all relevant staff
  • An annual management report to Governors
  • Support with Data Protection Impact Assessments
Please be aware that the legislation is very clear that the Data Protection Officer is not personally responsible for non-compliance with data protection requirements. This responsibility stays with the organisation itself as does the responsibility for the data processing activities. Therefore, it is essential that a considered choice is made when appointing to this role. The cost for this service is £1250 + VAT per annum. If you wish to see more information regarding the Data Protection Officer role, guidance can be found from the Information Commissioner’s Office here.
We are able to build a bespoke package tailored to your organisation. If you would like to gain a no-obligation quote from the GDPR Team, please contact us using either of the following methods below and we would be more than happy to discuss your needs with you:  01793 236030