Our I.T. Services are made up of a range of I.T. packages, from helpdesk management to audio and visual, supported by a mix of site visits and remote solutions.
I.T. Support & Management:
  • I.T support in the form of remote support, or remoting into servers/PC’s and onsite support with scheduled visits
  • Management of on-site I.T staff
  • Hosting and monitoring of the I.T helpdesk
  • Working with onsite staff to arrange I.T contracts, leases and renewals
I.T. Planning:
  • I.T yearly planning and renewals
  • Work with relevant management onsite and create hardware and software plans
  • Planning of I.T projects, deployment and management
  • Working with relevant management onsite for any IT projects the school or organisation wishes to look at
I.T. Audio and Visual:
  • Classroom and large venue audio and visual systems
  • Plan, deploy and maintain audio visual systems within all areas of the school or organisation
  • Digital signage planning, deployment and maintenance
  • Work with relevant management to identify, implement and manage appropriate digital signage systems
I.T. Security Systems:
  • Data storage and systems security
  • Implement systems and procedures to ensure all data is stored securely and system access is restricted
  • Work with relevant management to ensure that IT procedures exist and remain up to date
  • Working with Data Protection Officer’s to ensure IT compliance with any requirements
Prices for this package are completely dependent on the services you require. We are able to build a bespoke package tailored to your organisation, if you would like to gain a no-obligation quote from the I.T Team, please contact us using either of the following and we would be more than happy to discuss your needs with you:
hello@romeroservices.co.uk   01793 236030