Working from Home Tips

Current world affairs have led to a rise in people now working from home, instead of the office. Although this will be welcomed by many of us and lots of people work from home already, mental health charity ‘Mind’ have written an article for line managers, about how to support themselves and their team. 

If working from home is new to you, read our top tips below for making the most of your working day: 

Getting changed out of your pyjamas, washing and getting dressed will both physically and psychologically set you up for the working day, as well as improve your mind-set. The type of job you have will determine how you dress for the day, but some people find it helpful to dress formally, even if it’s just for video calls.

Try to set up an area in your home that feels like a professional workspace. Whether this is in a separate room or just somewhere with desk space, it can help to prepare your mentality for the working day.

It’s important to stick to the same working hours at home that you would at work. When you’re working from home, it’s very easy to carry on working into the evening when you’re not worrying about the commute home. 

Even though you’re working from your own home, you should still take regular breaks and definitely shouldn’t be glued to the screen all day. Standing up, stretching and taking a short walk away from the screen will help with both motivation, and productivity.

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