I.T. for Charities

Our I.T. Team have developed a number of tailored packages for charities and non-profit organisations, to support areas where appropriate. They can be delivered onsite or remotely, depending on the needs of your charity. Please read below for more information:

I.T. Support & Management Package:

  • Remote support and scheduled on-site visits
  • I.T. Staff Management
  • Hosting and monitoring of the I.T. Helpdesk (if applicable)
  • Working with staff to arrange and organise contracts, leases and renewals

I.T. Planning Package

  • I.T. yearly planning and renewals
  • Collaborating with on-site management to create hardware and/or software plans
  • Planning, deployment and management of I.T. projects

I.T. Audio & Visual Package:

  • Audio and visual systems for a variety of venues, including conference/meeting rooms etc.
  • Planning, deployment and maintenance of audio visual systems
  • Planning, deployment and maintenance of digital signage

I.T. Security Package:

  • Data storage and system security
  • Implementing robust systems and procedures to ensure all data is stored securely with restricted system access
  • Working with your Data Protection Officer to ensure I.T procedures remain compliant

At Romero, we can build a bespoke service package around the needs of your charity. Please contact us to discuss this and we will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote.