Business Continuity Plans for Schools

Let’s start with the basics – what even IS a business continuity plan?!

A Business Continuity Plan (which we’ll now refer to as a BCP) is defined as: ‘a document that outlines how a business will continue operating during an unplanned disruption in service. It’s more comprehensive than a disaster recovery plan and contains contingencies for business processes, assets, human resources and business partners – every aspect of the business that might be affected.’ – IBM Services

You might be thinking, what can go so wrong in a school that I need to plan for? Well, here’s some different scenarios that a school may need to be prepared for:

Proactively, BCP’s plan to avoid and mitigate the risks and negative effects associated with disruptions to your operations. They do this by outlining the procedures and instructions your organisation must follow, in order to maintain the continued operation of your organisation. The goal of any BCP is to enable ongoing operations before, during, and after the execution of disaster recovery.

For a business continuity plan to meet ISO 22301 certification, it should include:

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