Marketing for Schools

Not sure where to start with your school's marketing efforts? We've included the most important areas to focus on when wanting to improve your marketing. 

Marketing your school in 2021 can seem like a minefield, yet it is imperative in helping your school stand out from the crowd. To start navigating your way through the maze of marketing, it can be easier to begin by separating your audience into two segments – target audience and current audience. Your current audience can be identified as your current pupils and their families, and your target audience can be identified as pupils you’d like to apply for a place at your school.

If your school’s marketing needs improvement, here are five key areas to contemplate:

A marketing strategy is an over-arching document that details your marketing efforts over a chosen period of time, i.e. a term or a school year. It’s important to have a strategy in place so that your marketing is organised which will alleviate the pressure of creating content in a hurry. 

In a social-media focussed world, it’s now imperative that a school has a social presence online. Facebook is very popular amongst school communities as it allows parents/families to follow along with their child’s education. If your school has more than one social media platform, there are websites available that allow you to create one post and publish these across all of your platforms.

The function of your website (also referred to as User Experience) is key to ensuring website visitors have a positive experience when visiting your site. A school website should include the required statutory information, and act as a base for families of current/potential pupils to find information. Websites should also be responsive, meaning they function well whether being accessed on a computer or mobile phone. 

A school blog can sound incredibly time-consuming, though this doesn’t have to be the case. A classic blog containing written articles can talk about a variety of things such as special school events, or what different classes have been learning that week. If written articles don’t sound appealing, how about a short video of your Headteacher talking about what different year groups have been working on that week? Videos don’t have to be long, 1 to 2 minutes can give people a fantastic insight into behind the scenes of your school. 

Outsourcing one or all areas of your marketing can have a huge benefit to the operational side of your school. It also alleviates the pressure of marketing from your members of staff, allowing them to continue focussing on other key areas of the school. If you would like to explore the option of outsourcing someone to undertake any of the above areas for you, or even just creating a marketing strategy for your school, please contact us today to discuss. 

We hope you’ve round these marketing tips useful. If you’d like to find out more information about the services we provide to schools, please click here.